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  • The platform version of the Foxy features 4 variants. From 2.8 m up to 6,5 m length there is no limit to your creativity.The remote version offers 8 standard variants as well as many special variants. Adjust your Foxy Pro to your needs.From 2.7m up to 8,5m length you will find something for every preference.
  • The foxy pro offers 8 standard variants as well as many special variants. Adjust your Foxy Pro to your needs.From 2.7m up to 13.2m length you will find something for every preference.
  • Our Foxy crane can be mounted on our ploaris 6x6 Quad. It makes the crane very moveble even on rought terrain.
  • The GF-8 Crane System is an industry standard in modular rideable and remote cranes.It's versatile, durable and provides unmatched ease of movement and steady crane moves.
  • The extention kit for the GF 8 makes the arm lenght up to 10m.
  • The GF-16 Crane System is the ultimate in "big" modular, rideable and remote cranes. It satisfies the demands of the crane operator when it comes to safety, transport, ease of assembly and in-shot stability as well as giving the DOP an amazing range of choice to create that dream shot.
  • The SuperTechno 30 Crane telescopes during the shot, offering you the ability to film sequences that you can not do with any fixed lenght crane. With a 30 foot range you can place the camera anywhere in a 60 foot radius without moving the dolly.
  • The SuperTechno 50 takes all the strengths of its stablemates to the extreme. It has a maximum lens height of 50ft, telescopic range of nearly 40ft and yet is surprisingly compact when necessary with the ability to get through a typical 7' double-door.
  • The GF-Mini Jib is a stable, compact jib for camera packages weighing up to 30kg / 66lbs. It provides smooth, vibration free movements in tight, confined spaces. The rear of the arm is easily telescoped out and locked off at various lengths. The GF-Mini Jib′s tilt "drag" can be adjusted to suit the individual operators preference.
  • Aerocrane's heavy duty four-way leveling head provides an extremely stable platform, which compensates up to 5 degrees. Two regular-sized shipping cases house the Aerocrane Jib Arm in its basic configuration (excluding the counterweights), which allows you to build an arm reach from 3' (0.92m) to 5' (1.53m). The additional remote head package increases the arm reach to 11' (3m30m). The Aerocrane sealed lead counterweights, combined with a sliding weight, allow the operator to attain the perfect balance with any camera package, at any length.
  • JIX unique flexible arm, which is adjustable in length during shooting, gives an extremely wide range of very controlled movements in all situations.JIX enables you to move the camera straight up and down, left and right, forward and backward.JIX fits directly onto track or dolly platform, and the unique fexible leg system can also be adjusted to fit onto very small track and as a quick dolly set-up for your tripod and low-shot adapter.JIX can also be used without track as a stand-alone unit, with all camera movements in three dimensions from one position.JIX is: * Compact (transport measuring only 80 x 35 x 35 cm) * Lightweight (25 kg/ 55 lbs, excl. counterweights) * Can reach 400 mm below ground level and up to 2500 mm (lens height) * You can lock the arm to achieve a Jib-arm (in any position) * Easy to remove (thanks to the extra set of studio wheels)Technical date JIX:System weight: 25 kg/ 55 lbsMax. camera load: 25 kg/ 55 lbsStandard bowl: 100 mmExtra: 150 mmSpecifications JIX:Min. height in low position: 400 mm below ground levelMax. height in hight position: 2500 mm (lens height)Min. JIX arm-length: 400 mmMax. JIX arm-length: 1400 mm
  • The boa crane let's the camera operator make fluid and free movements
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