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The Scorpio Stabilized Head is a digital remote head with stabilization in all axes. It can be defined using three basic concepts: Fast, Easy and Effective.Fast: The set up time is the same as any standard Scorpio Remote Head. Changing the camera package on the Scorpio Stabilized Head is as fast as any Geared or Fluid Head.Easy: It does not require complicated adjustments or counterweights to level the camera. Any change from the initial camera package only requires simple visual balancing. Its design allows easy access to the camera equipment in order to change the magazine, the position of the lens control motors or the placement of any accessory.Effective: Its digital system will stabilize any film or video camera up to 45Kg.(100lbs). Its stabilization is effective up to 300 mm focal length in 35 mm. It will stabilize typical zooms such as 24-275 mm or 24-290 mm. The level of stabilization is optimal for any telescopic crane, fixed crane, dolly, camera car, or any type of platform. Features • Stabilizes Camera Packages up to 100lbs • Effective to 300mm Focal Length in 35mm Format • Typical Zooms such as 24-275mm or 24-290mm • Perfect for any Telescopic Crane, Fixed Crane, Dolly, Camera Car, or any other type of platform. • Wireless Capable up to 400m Line of Sight • Provides Power for all your Cameras & Lens Witness Camera • 2 Video Lines • Power Supply for Scorpio Focus or other PopularLens Control • Programmable Limits, Damping and Speed Adjustment for All Axes • Horizon Level • Looking Straight Down 4th Axis Control Capability • Quick Set Up Time • Simple Visual Balancing Specifications • Speed 120º/second All Axis • Rotation: Pan And Tilt 360º, Roll +/- 30º • Back Pan: Automatic • Head Weight: 33 Kg / 72 lbs • Max Camera Weight: 45kg/100 lbs • Minimum Size Underslung: 410mm X 866mm X 624mm(16″9/64 X 34″ 1/8 X 24″ 9/16) • Minimum Size Overslung: 410mm X 711mm X 624mm(16″9/64 X 28″ X 24″ 9/16)


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Weight 150 kg