Straight Tracks

Curved Tracks

Straight Monotracks

Curved MonoTracks

Powerful, Solid & Multipurpose Camera support System

3 Wheels Gas Riser Bazooka

Gas Riser Bazooka Dolly

4 Wheels Narrow Gas Riser Bazooka

 Camera Sliders Range


Hi-hats Sliders

A large range of “state of the art” Car Mount, providing fast and easy solutions for car shooting.

Standard Car Mount

Basic Car Mount

Super Basic Carmount

Rod Mount System

A Modulable & Lightweight Jib System


A wide range of Basic & Heavy Duty Tracking Platforms

Large Platforms

Small Platforms

Solid & Basic Hi-Hats Range allowing amazing sliders shots

Hi-hats Sliders

Hi-Hat Range

Rigging Elements Range

CPK / Standard

Octogrip Rigging Elements Range

CPK / Octogrip

Super CPK

Octogrip 90° Coupler

Octogrip Swivel Coupler

Annular Front light designed for professional


The simplest way to manage the Arri Maxima’s Settings

Maxima Wireless Controler

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