Lightness & rigidity

The CQN Development Tracks reduce the number of sleepers and ensures excellent results in terms of lightness and rigidity.

Each section of tracks is levelled on the ground by the self supporting pipes. The sleepers only determine the track width without contact to the ground

Solidity & Precision

All Parts of CQN Development Tracks contribute to precise results.

  • Hight resistant steel connectors.
  • Pre-stressed mechanical assembly

4m. diameter

  • Camera center radius: 1,70m
  • Track center diameter: 3,40m
  • Clutter diameter: 4,06m
  • 8 Sections x 45°= 360°

CQN Development Curved Tracks technical specifications

45° Section Ref: PRA130

6m diameter

  • Track center radius: 2,94m
  • Track center diameter: 5,88m
  • Clutter diameter: 6,54m
  • 12 Sections x 30°= 360°

CQN Development Tracks. Curved Tracks technical specifications

30° Section Ref: PRA140



  • Product Ref: PRA520

MonoTrack to Straight Tracks Adapters 

  • MonoTrack to tracks Adapter (male & female) – Product Ref: PRA550

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