Easy to use 

The Basic Car Mount allows easy camera set up on front mount & side mount while keeping basic camera positions adjustment.

  • The Sliding Wedge Plate allows rigging cameras on Front Mode or Side Mode
  • The Sliding Wedge Plate allows basic tuning on camera position (large range on camera height on side mount + large range of camera slide in front mode).
  • The Plate Clamp fit on the Wedge Plate allowing to receive the full Gekko Cup range (1, 2, 3 or 4 cups)
  • The rubber Gekko cup glue to the car simply by “Pushing On”  (7 Kg / Cup)

Easy fixation on vehicles

Thanks to the Gekko Cup, simply “Push” the Basic Car Mount on the vehicle to glue it… strap it for security, and rig the camera on the 4 Way Levelling, Tilting & Panning Head for basic tuning position.

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