Powerful System

  • Different Car Mount Frame width available (750mm, 1000mm, 1500mm & 1750mm)
  • The Spyder Sliding Mount fit on the  Car Mount Frame allowing fine tuning camera positions (including height)
  • The 4 Way Levelling, Tilting & Panning Head fit on the sliding spider mount allowing fine frame adjustment
  • The Gekko range fit on the Car Mount Frame using the Sliding Gekko Clamp allowing to glue it to the vehicle
  • The Side Mount Bracket fit on the Car Mount Frame allowing to use it in side mount

Easy fixation on vehicles

Thanks to the Gekko, simply push the Standard Car Mount on the vehicle to glue it… choice your camera position with the Sliding Spyder Mount,  then for safety strap the Standard Car Mount to the vehicle.

The Gekko (KGSD vaccum cup  system) glue to the vehicle simply by “Pushing on” freeing from the obligation of a imediate fastening by strap.

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