A lightweight modulable jib system, able to support light camera or gimbal packages.

Modulable System

The OctoJib is made by 3 specifics parts (Camera Front NoseConterweight Support & Pantograph) assembled together with the Octogrip BilitePipe & Couplers.

  • Octogrip Bilite is used for the Jib’s body offering a large choice on the Jib’s length. (1 m / 1,2 m / 1,5 m / 2 m / 3 m / 4 m (max))
  • The super CPK is used for the Jib pivot (allowing sliding adjustment between front & back extension.)
  • The 90° Ocotgrip couplers assemble strongly all parts together

The result is a Super light and modular Jib System allowing 6 arm’s length from 1m to 4m.

Camera Front Nose

Pantograph Mounted on Super CPK

Conterweight Support

Octorip 90° couplers assemble strongly all parts together

Light System

Save & Exit

Less than 100kg in 4m version (including camera package & counterweight), the OctoJib fit on heavy light stand or on common dollies.

This impressive lightness & modularity allows to use the OctoJib in the most difficult places to access…

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