Precision Aluminum Straight  MonoTracks


The CQN Development MonoTracks is a “modular track system concept” based on simple tracking tubes joined by removable sleepers.

The sleepers come in a range of different lengths to ensure precisely the width of the track required

The MonoTrack pipes are joined together by the “self alignment connector” providing a height precision track alignment and smooth connection.

MonoTrack tubes are symmetrical and designed to hold sleepers with 4 simple fixing processes: mounted, locked, fixed or screwed.

The assembly of the CQN Development MonoTracks is achieved very fast and adapted to any shot.

4 Ways of fixing the MonoTracks sleepers

Mounted: The sleepers are simply mounted, the tube are held in position and the dolly width is determined

Locked: A spring locks the sleepers to the MonoTrack tube and allows the assembly to be carried.

Fixed: The locked sleepers are fixed onto the MonoTrack tubes. The tensioning devices can be mounted

Screwed down: When using heavy loads (cranes…) the sleepers can be screwed tightly to hard mount the track.

Straight MonoTracks Lengths

  • 2 x 0,20m – Product Ref: PRA1906
  • 2 x 0,30m – Product Ref: PRA1907
  • 2 x 0,5m – Product Ref: PRA1900
  • 2 x 1m – Product Ref: PRA1901
  • 2 x 1,5m – Product Ref: PRA1902
  • 2 x 2m – Product Ref: PRA1903
  • 2 x 3m – Product Ref: PRA1904
  • 2 x 4m – Product Ref: PRA1905

Sleepers Lengths

  • Twin Dolly – Track Width: 215mm Product Ref: PRA1460
  • Minitrack – Track Width: 320mm Product Ref: PRA1300
  • Narrow 4 wheels KGSD Bazooka – Track Width: 364mm Product Ref: PRA1450
  • Narrow PeeWee – Track Width: 407mm Product Ref: PRA1310
  • Standard – Track Width: 620mm Product Ref: PRA1320
  • Fisher – Track Width: 622,3mm Product Ref: PRA1430
  • Standard Fisher 10 – Track Width: 629mm Product Ref: PRA1330
  • Wide track Hybrid – Track Width: 775mm Product Ref: PRA1340
  • Crab PeeWee – Track Width: 800mm Product Ref: PRA1350
  • Crab PeeWee IV – Track Width: 805mm Product Ref: PRA1360
  • Cranes – Track Width: 880mm Product Ref: PRA1370
  • Crab Fisher 10 – Track Width: 933mm Product Ref: PRA1380
  • Cranes – Track Width: 1000mm Product Ref: PRA1390
  • Wide Crab Hybrid – Track Width: 1045mm Product Ref: PRA1400
  • Technocranes – Track Width: 1450mm Product Ref: PRA1410


Track joiner

Product Ref: PRA502

Track Tensioner

Product Ref: PRA2520

MonoTracks Screws

Product Ref: PRA1540

Tilting Starter Ramp

  • 2 x Tilting Starter Ramp Short – Product Ref: PRA2002
  • 2 x Tilting Starter Ramp Long – Product Ref: PRA2001

MonoTrack to Straight Tracks Adapters 

  • MonoTrack to Tracks Adapter (male & female) – Product Ref: PRA550

Removable Protection Profile

  • 2,2m – Product Ref: CRA453
  • 4,2m – Product Ref: CRA455

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