“4 Wheels” Base

Durable, Sturdy and light 4 wheels frame equipped with two seat’s docking diam. 25.5mm (idem Chapman and Fisher dollies seats docking) and the “Double Docking Mount” able to receive a combination of Gas Risers and/or Adapters. In addition to that, the Gaz Riser Bazooka Dolly also benefits from

  • interchangeable Specifics Wheels types
  • Platforms covering 360°.
  • Jib’s Pyramid support.
  • Push Bars
  • 2 different Tracking Width

Gas Risers 

The Gas Riser family include 3 interchangeable riser’s sizes reaching a large telescopic range > Gas Riser specifications

Specific Wheels Types 

Depending the choice of the wheels, the bazooka can be used on floor, on track or both > Wheels specifications

Double Docking Mount

The Double Docking Mount  allows Gas Risers and Adapters use side by side > Double Docking Mount specifications

Adapters & Accessories

Adapters & Accessories can be added to the base offering solid and uncompromise solutions for camera or Jib positioning > Adapters & Accessories specifications

Tracks Width Compatibilities

The Gas Riser Bazooka Dolly dimensions allows tracking shots on Standard Tracks Width 620mm or 805mm Tracks Width (Carb Peewee Standard) > Tracks Width specifications

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