CPK Octogrip

The combination Octogrip Couplers / Octogrip profiles  prevent any twisting problems between Octogrip profiles and jaw’s coupler. (CQN Development patent)

Heavy Duty Boom Pivot designed to receive Octogrip Profiles as well standard tubing 48/50mm.

  • Perfect to support and adjust butterfly angle frame on light stand.
  • Perfect to built  light offset, black tent… (specially with Octogrip profiles).
  • 28mm spigot
  • Max payload: 80kg
  • Equipped with 2 Octogrip couplers
  • Compatibility: Octogrip profiles & standard 48/50mm tubing.
  • Tilt brake
  • Weight: 3,5kg
Product Ref: POG180