Camera movement…that is what Chapman is all about! You may not always see them on screen, but they have been here a long time… Since 1945 Chapman Studio Equipment has been supplying camera support equipment to various productions. From feature films, commercials, television series, music videos to infomercials, Chapman has moved it, helping to create many of the memorable scenes we all know today!All along, Chapman has been involved with camera movement. Chapman equipment, under the careful direction of the Director, Director of Cinematography and Dolly Grip, has created moments of fear, impact, loneliness, confusion and many other emotions that camera movement can enhance for a scene.Chapman is continuing to develop new and improved ways to move the camera. Combining old techniques with new, it is their goal to accommodate the Director and Director of Cinematography in their creative process and obtain the image they want to etch on film.* Revolutionary new three mode transmission featuring conventional, crab and round steering that can be shifted while the dolly is moving or stationary, without the dolly operator’s hands leaving the steering handle. This transmission has the ability to be adjusted to provide perfect steering geometry when reconfiguring the chassis to its various leg positions. No other transmission has been able to do this.* The Super PeeWee IV now provides for much less maintenance.(a) The need for air bleeding has been eliminated.(b) Corrosion resistance has been dramatically improved.(c) All exposed working joints have been sealed.(d) Far greater precision greatly reduces the need for adjustments. All adjustments, if required by operator’s specific desires, can be done externally without removing bolted covers or lids.(e) Steering chain adjustments have been virtually eliminated, dramatically reducing maintenance time.(f) Larger hydraulic capacity requires less recharging.(g) Greater strength reduces the possibility of damage.(h) Modular design of steering transmission and shifting linkage facilitates quick and easy replacements.* New arm design provides greater operator clearance, while assuring greater rigidity, smoothness, speed and added vertical travel. This new trim arm design also allows for lower camera setups when the camera is located above the chassis. All edges and corners are rounded to provide for greater operator comfort.* New valve concept gives the operator much improved control, providing for greater speed with added precision.* Stop valve now requires no tools to make adjustments. Accessibility is now directly in front of the dolly operator, providing for quick and easy adjustments.* Improved Universal Head performance is now achieved. Added arm precision, a control cylinder and a middle rib provides major gains in safety and rigidity.* Improved arm performance is exhibited with five full strokes of the arm on a single charge, while still achieving added vertical travel. The rigidity has been dramatically increased. The profile has been streamlined, providing added clearance for lower lens levels when operating over the chassis. This new design also adds to operator comfort. The new internal drive mechanism is smoother and maintenance-free.* Improved valve design provides for smoother, faster and quieter arm control. The dolly operator control has been significantly improved.* The Super PeeWee IV has a new sideboard system. Feedback from thousands of users and our own survey has led to this new design that provides complete walk-a-round ability at both the high and low levels.* Leg positions have been improved to enhance performance by providing:(a) 0º position for narrowest configuration with standard tires.(b) 10º position for narrowest configuration with pneumatic tires OR for side mounting the dolly on 880 mm track.(c) 44º position for standard 24½” track alignment and general all-around use.(d) 84º position for maximum lateral stability or for side mounting dolly on 24½” track.(e) Front legs at 84º, rear legs at 0º. This is the three-point contact position for standard tires which is great for outdoor use on rough terrain.(f) 70º position where Tread and Wheel Base are Equal, called the S position.(g) Front legs at 84º, rear legs at 10º. This is the three-point contact position for pneumatic tires, which is great for outdoor use on rough terrain.(h) Front legs at 180º and the rear legs at 0º provides the most compact dolly configuration with Standard Solid Tires, making the Super PeeWee® IV efficient, even in especially tight quarters.* The Super PeeWee IV now comes with built-in heat control for the hydraulic system to maintain a minimum hydraulic oil temperature of 70°F, thus providing constant performance, even in the coldest environment.Maximum Camera Mount Height (Position 1-90°) – 60,25″/1.5 mMinimum Camera Mount Height (Position 1-90°) – 26,25″/67 cmMaximum Camera Mount Height (Position 3-45°) – 57,5″/1.5 mMinimum Camera Mount Height (Position 3-45°) – 24,25″/52 cmMaximum Cam Mount Height (2-Extender Mode) – 58,25″/1.5 mMinimum Cam Mount Height (2-Extender Mode) – 18,25/46 cmMaximum Camera Mount Height (4-Low Mode) – 49,75″/1.3 mMinimum Camera Mount Height (4-Low Mode) – 17,25″/44 cmMaximum Camera Mount Height (Low Bar w/Lowest 4-Way Leveling Head) – 37,25″/95 cmMinimum Camera Mount Height (Low Bar w/Lowest 4-Way Leveling Head) – 4″/10 cmVertical Boom Travel (Position 1-90°) – 33,25″/85 cmVertical Boom Travel (Position 3-45°) – 33,25″/85 cmVertical Boom Travel (2-Extender Mode) – 41,25″/1 mVertical Boom Travel (Position 4-Low Mode) – 33,25″/85 cm*Max Payload with Accumulator Charge at 2,400psi – 320 lb/145 kg*Max Payload with Accumulator Charge at 2,600psi – 350 lb/159 kg**Maximum Payload with High Post Kit – 1,100 lb./500 kgChassis Maximum Length (Wheels Fully Extended) – 43″/1.1 mChassis Minimum Length (Wheels Fully Retracted) – 34,25″/88 cmMinimum Chassis Height for Transportation – 16″/41 cmChassis Width – Legs at 0° – 20″/51 cmChassis Width – All Legs at 10º (Pneumatic or 880 mm Track Position) – 25″/64 cmChassis Width – All Legs at 44º (Track Position) – 28″/71 cmChassis Width – All Legs at 70º (Tread and Wheel Base Are Equal Position) – 31″/79 cmChassis Width – All Legs at 84º (Sideways or Scissors Track Position) – 31,75″/81 cmChassis Width – Front Legs at 84º/Rear at 0º (3 Point Solid Tire Position) – 31,75/81 cmChassis Width – Front Legs at 84º/Rear at 10º (3 Point Pneumatic Tire Position) 34 5/8″ / 880 mmChassis Width – Front Legs at 180º/Rear at 0º (Compact Solid Tire Position) – 20″/51 cmChassis Width – Front Legs at 170º/Rear at 10º (Compact Pneumatic Tire Position) – 25″/64 cmSteering Post Height – 38″/97 cmMinimum Turn Radius – 24″/61 cmMinimum Door Width PeeWee can be carried through – 16″/41 cmAccumulator Charging Time (Empty to Full) – 60 sec.Maximum number of Lifts on a single charge – 5 liftsCarrying Weight – 295 lb./131 kgOperational Weight – 329 lb./155 kgOperational Weight w/ High Post Kit (w/o Payload) – 386 lb./178 kg*Payload Includes All Items (i.e. Man, Camera, Platform, Turret, Crane Arm, etc.) on Arm **Payload Includes All Items (i.e. Man, Camera, Platform, Turret, Crane Arm, etc.) on Base Mount