JIX unique flexible arm, which is adjustable in length during shooting, gives an extremely wide range of very controlled movements in all situations.JIX enables you to move the camera straight up and down, left and right, forward and backward.JIX fits directly onto track or dolly platform, and the unique fexible leg system can also be adjusted to fit onto very small track and as a quick dolly set-up for your tripod and low-shot adapter.JIX can also be used without track as a stand-alone unit, with all camera movements in three dimensions from one position.JIX is: * Compact (transport measuring only 80 x 35 x 35 cm) * Lightweight (25 kg/ 55 lbs, excl. counterweights) * Can reach 400 mm below ground level and up to 2500 mm (lens height) * You can lock the arm to achieve a Jib-arm (in any position) * Easy to remove (thanks to the extra set of studio wheels)Technical date JIX:System weight: 25 kg/ 55 lbsMax. camera load: 25 kg/ 55 lbsStandard bowl: 100 mmExtra: 150 mmSpecifications JIX:Min. height in low position: 400 mm below ground levelMax. height in hight position: 2500 mm (lens height)Min. JIX arm-length: 400 mmMax. JIX arm-length: 1400 mm