The brand new 4×4 Dolly by MovieTech is featured with many innovations which are not common in its class.

The revolutionary thing about new doorway dolly is its steering system. By simply lifting the push bar, the operator can switch from 2- to 4-wheel-steering. A stable stainless steel steering gear ensures a long life and reliable switch control.


  • 2- and 4-wheel extensions
  • 30,7inch (78cm) width (Doorway dolly)
  • Steeringmode adjustable at the Pushbar
  • Pushbar can be mounted on both sides of the dolly platform
  • Steeringmode “Crab” can be set with additional part
  • 7 mounting positions for turnstile on platform
  • 9 mounting positions for seatarms on platform
  • Pushbar with extensions for track-pushing (Extensions adjustable in various angles)
  • Levelling legs (optional) for Jib- or Crane constructions
  • Addition platform