Camera movement…that is what Chapman is all about! You may not always see them on screen, but they have been here a long time… Since 1945 Chapman Studio Equipment has been supplying camera support equipment to various productions. From feature films, commercials, television series, music videos to infomercials, Chapman has moved it, helping to create many of the memorable scenes we all know today!All along, Chapman has been involved with camera movement. Chapman equipment, under the careful direction of the Director, Director of Cinematography and Dolly Grip, has created moments of fear, impact, loneliness, confusion and many other emotions that camera movement can enhance for a scene.Chapman is continuing to develop new and improved ways to move the camera. Combining old techniques with new, it is their goal to accommodate the Director and Director of Cinematography in their creative process and obtain the image they want to etch on film.* Super PeeWee II Incorporates Brakes on Rear Wheels* Super PeeWee II Is Nickel Plated for Less Maintenance* Super PeeWee II Incorporates the Universal Stop Valve System* Variable Chassis Leg Adjustment Cam-Lock Chassis* Planetary Gear-Driven Arm* Hardened Stainless Steel Bushings* Works on Both Straight and Curved Tubular Track* Compact and Lightweight for Travel and Storage* Variety of Tires Available* Rear Controlled Steering* Vertical Arm Travel* Corrected Steering Geometry* Auxiliary Air Tank* Enclosed King Pin System* ELECTRIC PUMP SYSTEM* Many Accessories Available Maximum Camera Mount Height (without Risers) – 55″/1.4 mMaximum Camera Mount Height (Standard 12″ Riser) – 67″/1.7 mMinimum Camera Mount Height (without Riser) – 24″/61 cmMinimum Camera Mount Height (90 Degree Plate) – 3″/8 cmVertical Travel – 31″/79 cm*Maximum Payload – 250 lb./114 kg**Maximum Payload with High Post Kit – 1,100 lb./500 kgMaximum Boom Lifts (Fully Charged) – 4 LiftsChassis Maximum Length (Wheels Fully Extended) – 43″/1.1 mChassis Minimum Length (Wheels Fully Retracted) -34,5″/88 cmMinimum Chassis Height for Transportation – 16″/41 cmChassis Width – Legs at 0° – 20″/51 cmChassis Width – Legs at 17° (Pneumatic Tire Position) – 23,5″/60 cmChassis Width – Legs at 45° – 28,5″/71 cmChassis Width – Legs at 90° (Sideways or Scissors Track Position) -32″/81 cmSteering Post Height – 35″/89 cmMinimum Turn Radius – 24″/61 cmMinimum Door Width PeeWee can be carried through – 16″/41 cmAccumulator Charging Time (Empty to Full) – 60sec.Carrying Weight – 280 lb./127 kgOperational Weight – 329 lb./150 kgOperational Weight w/ High Post Kit (w/o Payload) – 386 lb./178 kg*Payload Includes All Items (i.e. Man, Camera, Platform, Turret, Crane Arm, etc.) on Arm **Payload Includes All Items (i.e. Man, Camera, Platform, Turret, Crane Arm, etc.) on Base Mount